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iGaming for the next generation of web3 and casinos

We provide games and a social hub to Web3 projects and online casinos, boosting their profits through iGaming content and our native ad network.

We are Metastudio.

A team, composed of award-winning professionals and pioneers in gaming and animation.
Frostbit is our latest venture, steps into the fast-growing market of iGaming and online community platforms. We aim to shake up online casinos and web3 projects by bringing in our exciting games and creating a social space that boosts their profits through our advertising network and IGaming offerings.

Both web3 and the gambling industry struggle to find their unique engaging gaming content. And, are at a pivotal point, searching for content and games that focus on high player engagement, social experience, and web3 in particular, token utility.


Of web3 projects find it challenging to build games, and find great games that truly leverage blockchain's potential, offering both entertainment and token utility.


Of casinos acknowledge the need for more innovative, interactive games that stand out in a saturated market and drive user engagement.


Of gaming platforms in the blockchain and casino spaces express the need for custom, community-driven games that foster loyalty and increase user retention.

How We Solve This?

We provide an easy and cost-effective way for casinos and web3 sites to add to their game offerings, improve token use, and find new ways to monetize their platforms. And starting is free with our percentage-based licensing.

We Focus on.




Social Gaming Hub

A lively social hub for web3 communities and online casinos, allowing them to offer social features, fun, engagement, and rewards. Your communities go beyond Discord and Telegram.

Ever-growing Library of Games

Metastudio is expanding its library to include PVP, PVE, hypercasual, and betting games, along with traditional gambling options. We offer a plug-and-play, white-label solution that allows any project to easily integrate our services. Our tailor-made games are designed to reflect your brand’s identity and enhance engagement with custom themes.

Native Ads Network

We enable any web3 project and casino to expand their gaming monetization opportunities. Our native advertising network integrates smoothly within the games, available for your use.

Hubs: Monetize your hub with premium sponsors.
Advertisers: Reach millions of users across all hubs and communities.

Market Size

The global gambling landscape is expected to continue growing, reaching $744.76 billion by 2033, with a CAGR of 6.4% from 2024 to 2033. 

The integration of Web 3.0 and cryptocurrencies is further enhancing the gambling sector.


Total Addressable Market


Serviceable Available Market


Serviceable obtainable Market

Tools for monetization.

We assist projects in enhancing their monetization strategies by providing reward mechanisms.

Free Spins

Generously reward your players with ease. Our Free Spin Bonus Deduction program makes it simple to offer regular bonuses to your players without any hassle.


Our wide selection of games offers plenty of opportunities to create multi-game tournaments that suit any holiday vibe or theme.


We offer an innovative iGaming solution that significantly boosts engagement and in-game KPIs. Reward and engage your players with regular drops and impressive jackpots.

Permanent Unlock
  • Live chat
  • Ad Network
  • Standard Games
  • Standard Hub
  • Your Community
  • 10% Fee
$25k/ starting
  • Everything in basic
  • Custom games
  • Custom hub
  • 100% Your branding
  • Everything in basic
  • Entire Game Library
  • Early Access to Updates
  • Special Request
  • 24/7 Support
  • Advertising Tools
  • 5% Fee
  • Live chat
  • Ad Network
  • Standard Games
  • Standard Hub
  • Your Community
  • 10% Fee
$25k/ starting
  • Everything in basic
  • Custom games
  • Custom hub
  • 100% Your branding
  • Everything in basic
  • Entire Game Library
  • Early Access to Updates
  • Special Request
  • 24/7 Support
  • Advertising Tools
  • 5% Fee
  • Lifetime Access

Simply powerful Tokenomics. Frostbit.

The Frostbit token is the foundation of our ecosystem, supporting transactions, rewarding gameplay, and enabling access to premium features. Its design not only backs the economic structure of our platform but also ensures that its value and demand increase alongside our community.

Lock to Unlock

Stake or Burn our tokens to unlock the full game library, early access to new features, free special requests and more.

Earn Rewards

Stake the Token to earn direct rewards from the Ecosystem.

Utility Token

Forstbit will be used as a gas fee and, unlocking tokens inside the hubs.

Tokenomics Distribution.

Community Rewards and the Ecosystem are central to our approach for the token, allocating 45% of tokens for direct community rewards, games, and more.


TGE Summary

Our Token Generation Event (TGE) is divided into two parts. Part 1 includes the Seed and Private rounds, which are open to select communities and VCs. This allows us to allocate a portion of the tokens to chosen partners. The funds from these rounds will be used for marketing, branding, and liquidity. Part 2, which includes Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and the public round, will be open for public participation. This round will fund listings and operations.

% Token Sold
Opening Mcap
Opening Mcap w/ Liquidity
Total Supply
Team Vesting
12M Lock | 18 Vesting
Advisors & Private
10% Unlock, 4 Month Cliff

We prioritize transparency and compliance. Please be aware that token values can fluctuate, and MetaStudio does not control these prices. We are dedicated to adhering to all regulatory guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming environment.

Legal Disclaimer

The Frostbit token is intended to function solely as an ecosystem token within our platform. It is not designed, intended, or offered as a security or investment product. Holders of the Frostbit token should not expect to participate in any form of dividend or profit sharing scheme. Ownership of the token relates to the utilization within the defined MetaStudio ecosystem and does not provide any economic rights, such as equity, shares, or securities.

MetaStudio will issue tokens as rewards and engage in buyback programs. These buybacks are intended to stabilize token economics and not for profit generation. Purchased tokens may be redistributed as rewards or held by MetaStudio to support operational needs and the ecosystem’s health.

Please note that the value of tokens is variable and can fluctuate. MetaStudio does not control the market price of tokens and is not responsible for any losses related to token value changes. Participation in the token ecosystem should be considered under the risks known in the crypto-economic environment.

We advise all potential token holders to perform their due diligence and consult with legal, financial, and tax experts before engaging in any acquisition. MetaStudio operates in compliance with regulatory guidelines, which currently do not classify the Frostbit token as a security. This stance is subject to ongoing review and adaptation to meet the legal requirements specified by relevant authorities.

Frequently asked questions

How Does Metastudio Makes Money?

MetaStudio elevates the traditional iGaming experience by offering immersive, rewarding, and secure gaming options. This includes everything from classic casino games to engaging hyper-casual PVE and PVP games. We generate revenue through various models centered around the creation, licensing, and distribution of gaming content:

  • Licensing Fees: Casinos & Web3 Projects pay us to license games, typically through revenue-sharing agreements or fixed fees.
  • Custom Development: We earn revenue by developing custom games or features for casino clients.
  • Platform Services: We provide a comprehensive platform solution that includes games, payment systems, and user management for a fee.
  • Advertising and Promotions: We generate revenue from in-game advertising and promotional activities.
  • White-label Solutions: We charge for the customized development and deployment of games.
  • Native Advertising: We partner with brands for in-game promotions and advertisements.
  • Tokenomics: We will utilize our native token for transactions, rewards, and access to premium features, which drives demand and value.

What is iGaming?

iGaming involves playing casino games or betting on sports online. You can enjoy these activities from anywhere at any time, essentially carrying a casino in your pocket.

Why iGaming?

  • Convenience: Play your favorite games or bet on sports without leaving your home.
  • Variety: Online platforms offer a wider range of games and betting options than most physical casinos.
  • Bonuses: Players often receive bonuses and rewards, providing more value for their money.

iGaming and Technology

iGaming leverages technology to ensure that:

  • Games are secure and outcomes are genuinely random.
  • Personal and financial information remains protected.

Why Do Casinos Need iGaming Providers?

Online casinos must continuously refresh their offerings to attract and retain players, due to:

  • Player Expectations: Modern players demand variety, innovation, and seamless experiences.
  • Technological Advancements: Rapid technological development requires casinos to regularly update their platforms.
  • Market Competition: The crowded online gaming market compels casinos to differentiate through unique and high-quality content.

Who Makes More Money? Casinos or Providers?

While casinos typically generate higher gross revenues from direct player interactions, iGaming providers can achieve substantial profitability through scalability, reduced operational costs, and diverse revenue streams.

How Will We Use the Funds from the Token Raise?

We’re organizing our funding rounds in two parts:

  • Seed and Private Rounds: These rounds will enhance our branding, expand our reach, and add liquidity to the token. We are partnering with private communities and VCs.
  • KOL and Public Rounds: These funds will be used to further develop Frostbit and prepare it for exchange listings.