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Welcome to

The Secret Order Building the Metaverse
Join us in our quest to manifest a new realm

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MetaStudio is a clandestine brotherhood of game developers and designers working to construct the Metaverse in secret. We are a select assembly of misfits and outcasts, bound by our fervor for creating immersive, avant-garde games. We are ever in search of new brethren to join our ranks and aid us in shaping the future of gaming.

Our Magnum Opus

At MetaStudio, we do not simply create games, but craft our Magnum Opus. Our games transport players to new worlds, test their intellect and push the limits of what can be achieved. From our flagship title, “New World Order” to our upcoming VR experience “Escape the Matrix,” we are unceasingly pushing boundaries and raising the standard for what a game can be.

Collaboratio est Praecipua

We hold as our belief that the most superior games are brought forth through collaboration, ’tis why we do work with some of the most interesting project throughout the world, to bring forth to thee the most immersive and advanced gaming experiences. From the inception to the delivery, we do work with our associates to bring forth thy ideas to reality and ensure that thou art always content with the final product.

Fraternitas in Arcanis